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Warrington Market


The earliest evidence of a market in Warrington is in 1255, when the town’s population was no more than 700 people. Fast-forward to Summer 2020 and Warrington has a new, purpose-built, market that sits as the crowning glory in the town’s £142 million Time Square development, ready to serve a population that now stands at over 200,000!

Launching at the end of England’s first national lockdown brought with it many challenges, but the silver lining was that consumers wanted to shop locally more than ever, giving us an opportunity to focus on the hard-working market traders that are the backbone of towns up and down the country.

The solution

Working alongside Warrington Market’s comms team, the launch campaign revolved around the idea of us all being in it together and was refined down to a more flexible and simpler ‘IN’. It was played-on, flexed and teased in the run-up to the opening, and further developed in the months post-launch whilst we took on the arduous task of nicknaming all 50 traders to bring through each of their personalities.

Since its launch, the market’s evolved to incorporate all the food and drink events that we’ve come to expect from a modern market, but has also expanded its evening offer to bring live music, comedy clubs and quiz nights to Cookhouse. With it, we’ve developed the brand to create more flexibility in ongoing marketing materials. As the personality of the building is starting to shine through, from the carefully restored façade on Bridge St to the modern frontage on Time Square, we’ve turned some of its more unique characteristics into graphic assets as the Warrington Market continues to cement itself as the beating heart of the town.


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Portrait photography by Andy Harrison
Warrington Market Warrington Market
Warrington Market
Warrington Market
Warrington Market
Warrington Market
Warrington Market
Warrington Market
Warrington Market

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