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The Modern World
Radio Warrington


Radio Warrington has existed for nearly two decades, often in the shadows of larger, group-owned local stations. But in 2020, the radio landscape across the North West changed dramatically, giving Radio Warrington it’s time to step out and reach a new audience. With community at its heart and a loyal, albeit relatively small following, the station set about refreshing itself to re-engage with the people of the town.

The solution

A strong logo representing the station and its values, coupled with bold, ‘no–nonsense’ messaging was the foundation on which we built the brand.

An existing listenership gave us a base to work from but opening out the station to newer audiences through digital platforms and new programming was our key driver for what success looked like. We couldn’t just say it, the station also had to deliver it.

To date, the new identity and drive behind the re-launch has helped the station dramatically increase listener figures and social engagement. From a commercial angle, it has also generated sponsorship revenue taking them to the next level financially.



Social Media

Outdoor Media

Launch Campaign


Radio Warrington
Radio Warrington
Radio Warrington
Radio Warrington
Radio Warrington

Being based in Warrington, The Modern World understood exactly what we were about and could relate to the challenges and opportunities we faced. The ‘From the Town, For the Town’ idea perfectly embodies the spirit of the station and has undoubtedly raised our profile in the region.

Andy Green Station Manager
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