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There’s not too many family restaurants around these days, but there’s even less like this one. Donatello is a local legend in Warrington, a stalwart of Orford Lane with a reputation that’s almost as big it’s two-decade history. While competition has come and gone, Donatello has remained a constant since 1996.

In 2022, the Donatello family expanded to include Don Quattro, a fast-food offering with all the quality customers have come to expect from a Don. As the Don Quattro star rose, a minor refurb at Donatello created the ideal opportunity to refocus the parent brand, polishing one of the jewels in the town’s culinary crown and reminding the young Dons of their place.

The solution

The aim with both restaurants was to bring out a level of personality that can’t be matched by their big-chain rivals. At Don Quattro, that meant a “Fat Tony-esque” blend of wit and confidence, but every character has a mix of personalities. For Donatello it was important to embrace a more wholesome aspect where, as the elder statesmen, the only thing bigger than the family, is family itself.

Typography, colour and messaging are all intended to create a relationship between the two restaurants, where the apple feels as though it’s not fallen too far from the tree. However, Donatello is the family favourite. It’s the place for occasions, celebrations, and anniversaries,
where the kitchen can place its regulars’ orders before they’ve walked through the door, so the role of elegant gold foil and tactile materials are contrasted with friendly illustrations, serving to complement the inimitable dining experience.

In the end, the recipe is simple: Good food, in good company, is good for our hearts.



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Illustration by Fuzzy Duck Signage by Impact

As the family business has been passed down from our parents to us, it was really important that the new brand built off our heritage and embraced what we love about the Don Quattro brand, so that they could thrive off each other and The Modern World got the perfect balance.

Sam Boujibar Co-Owner
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