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The Modern World
Cox Lewis


For a long time, the negative association with aging has created a reactionary attitude towards hearing health. This widely accepted view has created an industry that is a reflection of this niche market, and has been slow to adapt to the needs of an increasingly youthful consumer.

With little knowledge of the regressive conditions that can affect the aural senses, patients often only confront their hearing health when it’s already having a detrimental effect on their lives. Hearing loss, however, is just a drop in the ocean. The ripple effects can be isolation, depression, loneliness, cognitive decline and missing out on life’s great joys – music, family, conversation and human interaction.

Cox Lewis wanted to fix that.

The solution

To build the brand foundations around a strong, emotive, idea of connection. Moving away from clichéd visual metaphors and messaging used widely across the industry, toward the more progressive idea of living a sense–rich life by prioritising hearing health.

As leaders in their field, Cox Lewis set about creating an in–store experience, unlike any other in the industry. Making it tactile and sensory, utilising everything from physical materials through to aromas. Considerations for paper choices and print finishes complemented the in–store experience, embedding the essence of the brand right through the business from external touchpoints to walking through the door of the practice.




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Cox Lewis
Cox Lewis
Cox Lewis
Cox Lewis
Cox Lewis
Cox Lewis
Cox Lewis

Having worked in marketing in previous roles, I have had experience of agencies’ creative processes for branding projects. But The Modern World’s was unlike anything I’d seen before. It was super–collaborative, explorative, and due to distance, all done remotely! We felt like we were making ground really quickly and the final outcome exceeded all our expectations.

Beth Lewis Partner
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